Willow's Favorite Time of Year
Willow's favorite time of year is finally here.  While summer is fun, she's glad it's finally time to turn off the air conditioning and open all her windows to cool breezes and the wonderful smells of fall. She can hear the kids all out playing football in the afternoon after school; their shouts of joy as they run back and forth chasing the ball make her smile.  The colorful changing leaves greet her as she strolls thru the woods in back of her house.  There she finds acorns to fill her basket; a little touch of fall for decorations.  And of course, all her favorite holidays are fast approaching. Halloween is just around the corner with all the kids dressed in their scariest.  Then it will be Thanksgiving; all the family together and the highly anticipated big meal where they all pitch in to help. Last and maybe best is Christmas!  Everyone is so happy and friendly.  Sharing a glass of eggnog with all her friends that drop by, picking out special gifts for her favorite people, and she loves to sing Christmas songs.  She knows them all by heart.  Oh boy, Fall is finally here!