Timmy and Tommy Go Trick or Treating
The Bruin boys, Timmy and Tommy, are so excited!  It is almost time for them to go trick or treating.  Tommy, the oldest of the two, has been given the responsibility of taking his little brother Timmy out all by themselves to a few of the neighbors’ houses, and when he is finished taking Timmy, he can go back out with his friends!  Wow – he could hardly believe his ears!  Every since Mama had told him this last week, his anticipation for Halloween as something extra special has been growing day by day.

This year Tommy is getting a lot of new privileges.  Why, only two days ago, Papa had let the two of them go alone over to Farmer John’s pumpkin patch to pick out their very own pumpkin. They took the little red wagon Papa had made for them so they wouldn’t have to carry the pumpkin back; they had planned on getting a very large one.  And then yesterday, Tommy was allowed to carve out the Jack O’ Lantern all by himself.  Of course, he had let Timmy help him design it (he also convinced Timmy that scooping out the seeds onto the newspaper was something really special!), but Mama said he was the only one who could use the knife.

Now the time has come; it is All Hallows Eve, and they are dressed in their Halloween costumes.  Timmy is a ghost and Tommy is Dracula.  They are again taking the wagon so they can put the bag of candy in it, if it gets too heavy to carry (they hope!) or just in case Timmy gets too tired to walk.  Timmy is excited, but also a little apprehensive because he has never before been trick or treating without Mama.  Tommy, however, is ecstatic and rearing to go!

You will notice in the last vignettes that Timmy and Tommy have had a successful Halloween together.  They are coming back home with the candy bag filled to overflowing and Timmy is a tuckered out cub riding in the wagon!