The Snow Boys
The wind blew and the white fluff fell for what seemed like days but was merely a few hours.  Billy, mesmerized, stared out the window at the evening's winter storm, occasionally pressing his nose up against the cold glass.  As the weather had turned colder, Billy's older brother Bobby had been telling him (at Billy's repeated urging) of the pleasures of building snowmen.  Billy, having never built a snowman, had listened with rapt attention to Bobby, a veteran of several previous snowman projects. Anticipation had grown to excitement as the flakes began to fall.

The next day, after much cold but gratifying effort, the snowman stood complete with stick arms, coal eyes, smile and buttons and a carrot nose.  Mr. Snowman was wearing a seldom used but fine woolen scarf from the corner of Poppa's closet (they were sure Pop wouldn't mind…hopefully).  A battered and well-used hat (from Pop's closet as well) was all that remained to be added to the snowman.

"Let me put his hat on him, Bobby." Billy pleaded. "But you are way to short!" Bobby replied. "Come on Bobby, this is my first snowman after all!" Billy added. Relenting, Bobby tried many approaches to lifting Billy into the right position to allow him to place the hat on Mr. Snowman's head. After toppling over several times, Bobby finally, holding the back of Billy's legs against his chest, was able to hoist him into the correct position. Billy, deep in concentration, the tip of his tongue sticking out, happily placed the hat upon the snowman's head. Lowering Billy to the ground they stood back and admired their handy work.  Although very cold, neither boy wanted to leave Mr. Snowman for the warmth of the house.

Winter had begun. Christmas couldn't be far away!