Sebastian's  Violin Concerto
Sebastian's earliest and warmest memories are of drifting peacefully off to sleep in a nice warm bed with a full tummy. In the background, a violin plays the most beautiful strains of Brahms' Lullaby. His quiet untroubled slumber slowly fades into dreams where he sees himself standing on a fine velvet curtained stage dressed in handsome tails.  As the sweet mellow sounds float out over the audience, he realizes that he is the one playing the violin!  When the last few notes have faded, he lowers his violin and gives a low bow to tumultuous applause. At this point he slowly awakes and relishes the dream with a feeling of contentment.  Needless to say, over the years Sebastian has worked very hard and practiced long tedious hours to make his dream come true and become a great violinist!  We now join him on stage, dressed as he had always dreamed, playing his violin for the Bearland Symphony Orchestra!