and his Slingshot
Rufus has a new slingshot.  He has begged his parents (mostly his mother) for one for a long time! They (She) finally relented, but it came with a strong warning: "Only for target practice!  No people, no birds and no animals, Young Man!"  When she called him "Young Man" she was really serious, and he knew better than to cross the line.  But that was okay, he really didn't want to hurt anything.  None of the boys did, but they took great pride in being a dead shot at a can on a post. And so, with a happy heart, he and his father went out to the garage to make his new slingshot! It has been a few days now, and Rufus has been secretly practicing in his back yard. This afternoon he will finally compete with the rest of the boys in his very first match.  He is so excited and so nervous. He knows he won't win 1st place, but he sure is hoping that he won't be dead last and only this afternoon will tell!  Rufus can hardly wait!