Rosie and Edward Honey of a Picnic
It was turning out to be a beautiful summer day.  Edward was in his backyard with Rosie from next door (he told the neighborhood guys his mother made him!) and it was late morning.  Rosie was his girl friend (no wait!! She was a girl and she was his friend, but that's all, HONEST!).  She just wasn't at all like the other girls, though; she didn't giggle incessantly and she could not only throw a baseball, but a football too, and well.... she was easy to look at!  And Rosie had swell ideas about what to do.  She had just suggested that they get his red wagon and the honey pot from her house for a splendid picnic lunch down by their favorite tree at the edge of the pond.  The honey pot sealed the deal and Edward, being the gentleman that he is, assisted Rosie into the wagon.  After a brief visit to Rosie's, they are on their way, with the scrumptious lunch in tow (and a few supervising honey bees), to share a splendid afternoon!