Peter Bear
OMG! It's finally happening! Peter Bear didn't think he could wait much longer. The
wondrous anticipation, the numerous hints for presents, the continuous hours of hopes
and dreams, the endless lurking 'round the tree to spot his name on new gifts. Then there
were all the doubts: Had he been good enough this year? Did Santa get his letter? Is he
going to get all that he asked for (it WAS a lot !)? This agonizing ecstasy is all about to
end. It is finally Christmas Eve, and Peter is all prepared. He put on his softest flannel
night shirt, cap and slippers, he got his favorite Christmas story book, "The Little Drummer
Bear", he found his warmest, most snuggly quilt and then made himself a cup of hot
chocolate. He is going to wait up for Santal Unlike last year (and all the years before),
Peter is sure he will still be awake when Santa brings all the stuff he's been longing for.
He starts his vigil with eyes bright and shining. A little later, with most of the chocolate
gone and his book half read, Peter's eyes are beginning to droop. He must do something
fast or he'll never make it. After much adjusting and rearranging, he finally settles back to
finish his book. Unfortunately, we soon find Peter with eyes shut tight, and while he was
dreaming sumptuous dreams of Christmas and meeting Santa, all his presents were
delivered and are under the tree! But not to worry. When his eyes open again, this will be
a magnificent Christmas morning with no disappointment. (Maybe a small glimmer of
regret at missing Santa again!)