Penny Takes
a Nap
Mom has announced that it is time for Penny's nap.  Penny really suspects that it is time for Mom's nap because Penny is not the least bit sleepy!  With the slightest amount of reluctance in her voice, but like the good little girl she is, Penny tells Miss Pickles it is naptime.  Miss Pickles, a sock monkey, is Penny's very Best Friend Forever.  Then, with a little procrastination and a gentle prompt from Mom, Penny and Miss Pickles lie down on her bed next to her Mother. Of course after just a few restless minutes that feels like hours, Penny and Miss Pickles gently slide off their side of the bed and move silently to the farthest corner of her room to have a little tea and cookies before resuming their nap.  Mom has already fallen asleep and is softly snoring, so they must be very, very quiet and not wake her.  Unfortunately, Penny must have been a little sleepier that she thought.  As she and Miss Pickles set quietly on the floor together sharing the cookie, Penny's eyes start to droop.  When Mom suddenly wakes and notices the empty bed next to her, she smiles to herself as she sees Penny fast asleep in the corner with the half eaten cookie forgotten on the floor and Miss Pickles toppled on her side!