Oliver's "Adventure"
I ran across these old pictures of me the other day when I was cleaning out the attic. They were taken for "posterity" by my best friend, and they brought back some very fond memories of when I was just a cub.  Back then, I thought I knew better than my father about what my future should be. So I had struck off on my own with my handkerchief knapsack on my shoulder, to join the circus or ride the rails.  I didn't know which; both were very glamorous. My friends and I had discussed at length each of their merits many times.  Needless to say, as day wore into night, I discovered (some imagined, I'm sure!) many terrifying things, so much so that my father's wisdom suddenly seemed much greater than mine. I hurried off home in the hope that I hadn't been missed yet and I could slip in my bedroom window and save face. Whether or not my father ever knew of my adventure, I do not know to this day.  He never mentioned it, but I somehow suspect that was just another example of his infinite wisdom.