Shopping Matilda
Please meet Matilda (she prefers Mattie).  Mattie loves to shop. You will find her most afternoons in her favorite stores at the huge shopping mall near her house.  There is no internet shopping for this little girl!  She likes to meet and greet all the people in the shops, touch all of the wonderful things to buy and most of all, try on the clothes.  Her favorite time of the year is fast approaching; fall and all the holiday shopping!  She always dresses with care for her shopping trip in a light fashionable dress and hat with a shawl for her shoulders if the stores are too cool and she takes her own favorite shopping bag. Mattie wants everybody to know, however, that she is not a frivolous shopper!  She always shops within a budget and follows it to the penny, because she knows if she spends too much in one trip, there won't be any others; "Lots of looking, little buying" is her motto.  But if that one starts to waiver, she backs it up with "Save a little for a rainy (shopping) day!"