Lucy & Anna Rags
Lucy is a very sweet, happy little girl who is thoroughly enjoying life.  She is a confident and outgoing little girl and especially proud of her naturally curly hair.  One of the joys in her life is strolling down the walk in the warm sunshine with her best friend, Anna Rags.  Grandma had made Anna for Lucy’s 5th birthday, and grandpa had made the stroller so they could go for long walks together.  Every since then Lucy and Anna have been inseparable.
Lucy will be starting school next year, but with mixed emotions.  She’s really looking forward to kindergarten, but Momma said that Anna Rags couldn’t go to school with her.  Typical of Lucy, she has decided that will be okay though, because Anna will be waiting for her when she gets home. Then they can have an after school snack together before they go out for their stroll.  So Lucy can still find the silver lining, Anna AND school…it’s the best of both worlds!