Joey's Lawn Service
Joey is an enterprising young man, so when his mom told him they would have to tighten up
the family budget this summer, he decided he would help by earning a little extra money
mowing lawns. First he found his grandfather's old push mower wedged in a corner in the
back of the garage. After giving it a thorough cleaning, sharpening and then testing to
make sure it still worked, he sat down to make a list of potential clients. There was elderly
Mr. Johnston down at the end of the block that doesn't get about much anymore. Joey was
certain he could get him as a customer. And then there was that nice new couple who just
moved into the old Simms place a few months back. They both worked and didn't have much
time for yard work. They would be good candidates! All totaled, he figured he could get at
least 5 customers right in his own neighborhood, one for each weekday. Not too bad to start with,
he thought, and there would be enough time left each day for swimming or baseball with the guys,
or maybe even a movie! He figured he could give half his money to his mom and still have enough
left for the things he wanted to do! So with the smell of fresh cut grass in the air and a little money in
his pocket, he had a new and satisfying feeling of accomplishment. This was a really good
idea, and the summer was still going to be fun!