Jeremy the Pirate
The last few days of school, after all the exams were done, Mrs. Bearman's 3"' grade
class had some fun by learning how to make a few paper crafts. They made a paper
tree, a paper airplane and, most importantly for Jeremy and his friends, paper hats. The
boys all live in the same neighborhood which has a small wood in back of their houses,
and between the woods and the hats, their imaginations were sparked! With these hats
and a few scraps of wood from Jeremy's Dad's garage to be made into swords, they
could be Robin Hood and his Band of Merry Men, or they could be Pirates of the
Caribbean. Of course, they all wanted to be Robin, and as there could only be one,
they decided they would all be salty old pirates. And so, inspired by Jack Sparrow, they
made their hats and swords. They purloined (pirate for acquired) a scarf for a sash from
mom that would hold their swords when they were not dueling, which wasn't too often,
and they set out into the woods to begin the loads of swashbuckling fun they were sure
to have. As luck would have it, they found an old dead log by the small stream that runs
through the woods and if they squint their eyes just right, it looks remarkably like a very
small pirates' ship. So with all their props in place, and shouts of "ARRR", "Ay, Matey",
"...walk the plank" and something about Davey Jones Locker ringing thru the woods,
they are positive this is going to be a really great summer of adventure on the "high