Jenny's Lemonade Stand
Jenny sat looking out the window one afternoon at the beginning of summer. She was board. As she watched all the people walk past her house, she noticed how they all seemed so hot and tired. "I know," she thought, "I'll set up a lemonade stand. Mary across the street did one last summer and she made loads of money but she won't be doing one this summer, she has other interests (boys). The people will have a nice refreshing break and I'll have something to do." So, with her brother's help, she found an old orange crate in the garage that they could use to make the stand. Beside the crate and in an equally battered condition, was her old chalkboard set from the 1st grade. "This will make an excellent sign", she thought! Next, she sent her brother off across the neighborhood with some hand printed advertising leaflets. Then with her mother's help, they made lots of lemonade in grandma's old punch bowl. At the end of the day, she had made enough money to pay for the lemonade, and even after her brother's cut (you didn't think he did all that for nothing!), a little extra for herself. But the best, most rewarding part had been the people she talked to and the heartfelt thanks she got from them all! She looked forward to tomorrow and the rest of the summer!