Hattie's Spring Day
It was going to be a fine spring day.  The sun was just up and touching everything
with a warm tawny gold.  Hattie was so tired of being cooped up in the house from the
cold winter that she decided after lunch she would don her new spring hat, take her flower
basket and go for her first walk of the season.  She was sure there would be some new
blooms of wild flowers down at the pond, which had thawed out a few weeks ago.  And everyone
knows how wonderful fresh flowers are for cheering the winter spirit! That afternoon when she neared
the pond, her breath caught in her throat; there they were!  Just a few flowers to begin with, but many more budding. 
She gingerly picked a few of the blooms, not wanting to take too many just yet. Hattie put the flowers in her basket
and with one fleeting glance back at the remaining buds gently swaying in the warm breeze,
she headed for home with her treasure.  “Wait till the family sees these in that beautiful green glass vase of Grandma’s.”
she thought and she began to skip down the shaded tree strewn path. Oh no!  Is that the alarm clock?  As Hattie stirred
from under the covers of her warm bed groping for her robe and slippers, the warm spring dream slipping from
her grasp, she glanced out the snow-laden window at the cold dreary morning.  “Oh well,” she thought with a tinge of hope, “It can’t stay winter forever!”