Grandma's Bear Repair
Drusilla is fortunate that her daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandchildren live just down the road from her.  They are a very close-knit family, and they visit every day.
When her daughter Mary was just a little girl, Dru made her Teddy Bears for tea parties.  It is a very fond memory for them both.  So when Mary’s little girl, Emma was born, the first thing Grandma Dru did was make Emma a Teddy Bear.  When she was old enough, Emma named her bear Harriett and it has been her constant companion for the past 8 years.  Then 5 years ago, Mary had a little boy and they named him Adam.  Of course, Grandma Dru made a Teddy for him, too!  When Emma was little, she had a hard time dragging around such a large bear, so this time, Grandma decided to make a smaller bear for Adam, and she was right; Adam can take his bear any where with ease!  Adam calls his bear Homer!
But, alas!  Teddy’s can only hold up to a certain amount of love and go on so many adventures with their little friends before it is time to visit Grandma Dru again for some much needed repair.   Emma has tried to fix Harriett with a safety pin in her ear and a band-aid on her arm to keep the stuffing from coming out until Grandma Dru could sew her.  And as you can probably guess, poor Homer visits Grandma on a very regular basis!
And so, Grandma sits comfortably in her favorite rocker, wearing her favorite old sweater and lovingly fixes two of her favorite bears for two of her favorite people!  Life is good!