Grandma's Bear
Little Amy was creeping back up the stairs as quietly as she could.  If Momma caught her sneaking into the attic again, she would be in so much trouble!  It was only yesterday that the lure of so many curious treasures had made her ignore her mothers' warning that the attic was dangerous and off limits.  But just as Momma was taking her back down the stairs, Amy had caught a brief glimpse of what appeared to be a teddy peeking out of the shadows from behind a stack of old books.  Spurred by heartbreak at the loss of her long time teddy friend, Mr. Fluffwilly, when they moved to the old family house, she just had to come back to investigate!  Amy was so afraid as her heart beat loudly enough that she was sure it could be heard.  The attic door groaned in protest as she pushed it open and every floor board found its voice as she slowly tip toed across to where she had seen him.  She held her breath and stretched up as tall as she could to reach behind the books.  Oh my, there he was!  As Amy lifted him from his hiding place, she immediately knew his familiar face.  She had seen his picture only this morning on the fireplace mantle tucked caringly under a little girl's arm.  The little girl was her Grandmother and he was her Grandma's Bear.  His fur was a little matted, his nose a little frayed and his joints were a little loose but there was so much sincerity in his face and his eyes were as bright as ever!  She was never going to let him go.  She was, however, going to have a hard time explaining him to Momma!