Elmer Smells the Roses
Elmer has always been quite serious, even as a cub.Throughout his Bear University (BU) years, he was far too studious to really enjoy them. And now that he belongs to the
working world, he tends to rehash all the events of the day and then worries about them a little too much. On one such day, he saw some young bears in the park across the street from his
apartment. They were playing with a dog and running and laughing and having a really good time. It made Elmer stop to think about his own
life and all the fun he has missed along the way and he wondered why he is still missing out. He suddenly realized
it was all his own doing, with all the fussing and worrying he does. This is it, he thought, Im not going to
do this anymore. Ive got to stop and smell the roses before I pass them all by! And he has been true to his word every since. Although he is still a serious minded bear
who does his best, he has learned to stop from time to time and smell a rose or two along the way. And he has discovered life is far better for it!