Casey and His Train
Casey (his real name is Johnny) has a great love of trains, which he has acquired from his grandfather.  Casey and Grandpa can sit in Grandpa's "playroom", as Grandma calls it, for hours on end and play with all the trains on the huge table in the middle of the room. Grandpa tells lots of train stories about the brave engineers, but Casey's favorite is about Casey Jones (hence the nick name) and the Cannonball Express.  They sing the chorus of the old song together as the trains run around the track: 

"Casey Jones, mounted in the cabin.  Casey Jones, orders in his hands.  Casey Jones, mounted in the cabin.  And he took his last trip to the Promised Land."
Casey's prized possession is the little wooden train that has been passed down from generation to generation.  It was made by his great-great grandfather, and it is almost always close at hand!