B. Bear, that is Bounty Bear, which is short for Bountiful, moved along the edge of the woods in an area that was new to him. He was enjoying all the fall smells, the crispness in the air and the crunch of the leaves underfoot. Suddenly he was aware of a new smell, different but pleasant. Following this new smell he came upon an abandoned cabin at the edge of the woods.  There were holes in its roof and the door, or what was left of it, was hanging open and banging in the breeze.  But there was nothing at all of interest to his “bear senses” inside the cabin. The original smell however got stronger and more delicious outside and behind the cabin. Nosing around the cabin’s corner, he discovered the remains of a vegetable garden. The vegetables were long gone, all except for a trailing pumpkin vine that had taken over the little dilapidated garden. The pumpkin patch was now loaded with numerous volunteers, small and large.
He was drawn back to the cabin the following day.  He sat in the pumpkin patch contemplating how to get the pumpkins back to his family and friends as a grand surprise. Each day he found himself returning to the patch and sitting for long periods thinking and looking at the plump gourds strewn about the old garden and feeling somehow happy and content. He was not quite sure why sitting in the patch had this effect on him; it was a feeling that he couldn’t quite explain. Was it the tasty pumpkins, the surprise for his family and friends, this deeply satisfied feeling, this thoughtful feeling…No, it was a thankful feeling! He was thankful for the pumpkins, thankful for his family and friends, thankful for life’s trials and triumphs…thankful for life itself!  And then it came to him!  He didn’t need to bring the pumpkins back; he needed to bring everyone to the patch and share not only this bountiful harvest but also this wonderfully thankful feeling itself.
Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!