Benjamin's Gift Wrapping
Benjamin, being a very inquisitive bear, just loves closed boxes. Whenever he sees one, he is intrigued by what could possibly be inside of it. Needless to say, when Christmas time rolls around, his imagination goes wild and he drives everyone around him nuts with all his guesses! So it was delicately suggested to him by a family member that he would be an ideal candidate to offer a Christmas present wrapping service to all his busy neighbors.  The seed was planted and the idea grew; not only would he know what great secrets were in all those boxes, but he could get a little extra Christmas money in the process!  He raced off to the garage to find the old table that he always hauled out for all his projects (being an young entrepreneur, he has had many in the past).  He made a small sign stating his pricing and hung it on the front of his table, then collected all the necessary present wrapping tools to set up shop! Then he posted flyers to officially start his "business". We find him late in the day on Christmas Eve in the spare room that is his work shop. His last present has been wrapped and he has a fair amount of mess around him, but he is one very contended and slightly richer bear! Oh and the Christmas secrets he knows has put a special sparkle in his eyes!