Andy's Valentine Day
Andy has been a little nervous these past few days leading up to Valentine’s Day.  The new girl with curly red hair that sits just two seats in front of
him in class has caught his eye!  And for the very first time he wants to give a GIRL a Valentine’s Day card that says, “Be my Valentine” right on the front! 
What’s worse, he even made the card with his very own paws in Mrs. Smith’s art class.  Boy, if word gets out, the guys will never let him forget this.
But he was smart: he never put her name anywhere on the card, so perhaps he could deny everything and say it was for his mom.
After building up his courage for the umpteenth time, he heads out before it’s too late. He stops in his mother’s garden to pick a daisy
to go with the card.  He remembered his mom saying daisies were the friendliest flowers, and he felt he needed all the help he could get.